Alpha Company is a private para-military organization operating in The Wasteland near Circuit Falls. Ruthless, cold-blooded, vicious and brutal, Alpha Company is feared throughout the entire wasteland - and even in more civilized cities like Circuit Falls and Steelport - for it's efficiency and lack of morality. Armed with high-tech laser weaponry (the majority of which is stolen or scavenged) the mercenaries of Alpha Company are infamous for taking the worst jobs in the wasteland, even the ones no other mercenaries will.

Almost every soldier in Alpha Company has some kind of augmentation or cybernetic enhancement on their body. Initially, the reason for this was the high injury rate on missions for Alpha Company, but eventually it became a requirement that all members of Alpha Company enhance their bodies in some fashion, reasoning that no mere human body could withstand the hardcore operations undertaken by the organization on a daily basis.

Alpha Company's slogan, creed and battlecry is: "Nobody Messes With Alpha Company!" only they don't say "mess." You can probably guess what they actually say.

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