Asimov High is an educational center located in Circuit Falls founded in 1941 by Hershel L. Milford. Originally a school dedicated to the education of humans, Asimov High later became a school that catered almost exclusively to robots. It is the pride of the Circuit Falls education system, recieving numerous awards. It is one of the major settings of the Gary Gears series.


Asimov High was founded in 1941 as an elite prep school. Founded under the motto that children be neither seen nor heard, Asimov High excelled at making young children feel intimidated and miserable, but not much else.

The educational staff of Asimov High was... less than professional. While there were many professional, encouraging teachers, they were far outnumbered by the certain teachers who would hurt the children any way they could. They did this by pouring their derision upon anything they did and exposing every weakness, however carefully hidden by the kids.

By 1973, the school was suffering from major internal issues after the arrest of several of their educators in a counterfeit baseball card scandal. Due to low test scores, general student dissatisfaction, and the horrible reputation the school had received over the years, Asimov High fell into a rut it did not recover from. Becoming a reform school for troubled children.

Fortunately, the school's luck would change over two hundred years later, when the school's new administration managed to turn the school around, once again making it a prestigious boarding school for only the brightest of minds. Famous scientists Doctor Tesla and Doctor Edison were said to attend the school during this period.

With the rise of sentient robots, an education center dedicated to their welfare and education became necessary. It was with great pleasure that Asimov High volunteered to fill this role. The remaining human student body was transferred to Susan Calvin Highschool.



  • Asimov High plays a major role in the sport of Cogball. Their team, The Asimov Wolverines, are considered some of the best players this side of Steelport. That is, when they aren't getting creamed by the folks from Susan Calvin High.
  • Asimov High is considered one of the finest schools in Haven County. Thanks in no small part to it's high test scores.
  • Asimov High has two different dorms for students, separated by gender.
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