Gary Gears - Donna Databanks

Donna Databanks

Aloof, sarcastic and withdrawn, Donna Databanks is one of the most bleak students in Asimov High. Good friends with Gary Gears, Donna prefers a dreary day inside reading to a bright day outside hanging with friends.

Character BiographyEdit

Donna Databanks was built Doctor Leon Otisao A brilliant but eccentric figure, Otisao was a good friend and colleague of both Doctor Edison and Doctor Tesla. His inventions were innovative, but often controversial. Otasio went missing after a massive explosion in his laboratory that partially injured Donna. The incident left Donna aloof and depressed.

The Bureau of Robotic Affairs relocated Donna from foster home to foster home, but nothing ever stuck. Due to her aloof and moody behavior, Donna found it hard to make friends. During the last year of her stay in Asimov Elementary, Gina Gizmo would befriend her, no matter how much she protested.

Despite Donna's unkind attitude towards Gina, Gina still enjoyed Donna's company, and Donna was glad to finally have a friend, even if she wouldn't admit it. When Donna was transferred to Asimov High, her and Gina became roommates. Donna would have the fortune to meet Shades Silicone. They would become close friends, even though their first encounter wasn't exactly positive.

When Donna first met Gary Gears, their first encounter was just as poor. Donna met Gary on the roof of Asimov High, complaining about his father. As Donna grew up without parents, this upset her greatly. Shades would latter get Donna to warm up to Gary, and the two would become mutual friends. When Doctor Tesla attacked, Donna joined forces with Gary and the others to stop him.


Donna is aloof, bored, cynical and sarcastic. One of the most level-headed and logical members of the Gears gang, her cynicism serves as a blessing in disguise, as it gives her a cold, logical outlook that is invaluable in certain situations. Despite Donna's cold, sometimes even rude exterior, there is a hidden vulnerability to her. Given how hard her life has been, this is to be expected.

Friends and RelationshipsEdit


  • Shades and Donna seem to get along better with each other than anyone else in the Gears gang. This is likely do to the fact that their worldview is much more matured than the other's.
  • Donna and Gina share a dorm room. Donna's side is completely black, while Gina's is completely pink. It looks like a complete eyesore.
  • Mal Ware takes a special interest in Donna, choose her to appear to more than anyone else, and revealing himself to her first. Mal Ware claims to know something about the fate of Donna's father, but what could he know?