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Frita Firewall

Frita Firewall is the hotblooded, redheaded friend of Gary Gears and head of the Asimov High School Newspaper as well as head of the student council. Her best friend is Susan Sprocket and she harbors a secret crush on Gary.

Character BiographyEdit

Frita was built by Professor Octavio "Otto" Bruschettini. Known for his love of gambling, Prof. Bradshaw created Frita as part of a bet with several colleagues to prove he could build a sentient robot without approval from The Bureau of Robotic Affairs. Unfortunately, Prof. Bradshaw's gambling habits would land him in trouble with The Circuit Falls Connection. This would lead to a series of troubling events that would land him in jail, and place Frita in the care of her father's cousin, Ralph Pacelli.

Pacelli was neither a scientist, nor a mechanic and not even a parent a parent. He lacked both the emotional maturity and intellectual capacity to raise a child, and even wrote those exact words on the adoption papers. But as Pacelli was Bradshaw's only living relative, the decision was already made, and the irresponsible Mr. Pacelli was forced to raise Frita by himself in his one-bedroom apartment.

Frita's life would change forever when she would meet a young Susan Sprocket being harassed in a playground sandbox. After standing up for her, the two developed a friendship that would last a lifetime.

Susan and Frita now lead the student council of Asimov High and help plan most of it's ceremonies and events. The latest event they helped put together was invaded by Doctor Tesla and his robotic minions, which eventually led to Frita and Susan joining forces with Gary Gears. Frita and Susan both harbor crushes on Gary, but neither are aware of the other's attraction to him.


Frita is very strong, abrasive, and more often than not, angry. Frita has an incredibly short fuse and will lose her temper at the drop of a hat. In addition to her active aggression, Frita has a streak of passive-aggression as well, and can say some pretty bitter things when provoked. This can be make her pretty hard to deal with, especially when things aren't going her way. In spite of all this, Frita is a kind person deep down, and her constant aggression is likely a way to hide her sensitive nature. She is very protective of her friends, and greatly enjoys protecting the weak and helpless. She resents bullies, and has a particular distaste for Chip Bitly because of this. She also has incredibly mixed feelings about Gary, constantly bouncing back and forth between holding bitter contempt for him and swooning over him in private.

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  • In the early conception stages, Frita had pigtails. Her hair has since been changed.
  • Frita is vice-president of the school council and head reporter for the Asimov High School Newspaper.
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