Gina gizmo

Gina Gizmo

Gina Gizmo is the light-hearted and ultra optimistic sister of Shades Silicone and member of the Gears gang. A highly skilled mechanic, she serves as the assistant nurse for Asimov High.

Character BiographyEdit

Gina was built a good three months after her older brother, Shades. Their inventor suffered from a severe accident that left him permanently blind. To compensate for this, Gina was built to have great mechanical skills (and a keen fashion sense, because his own was always quite lacking anyway) to help around the lab.

Gina and Shades' relationship wasn't always positive. For a short period of time, Shades would refuse to speak or be seen with Gina in public. This was made worse by the fact that Shades was hanging with a bad crowd at the time, a crowd that would eventually begin to target Gina, leaving Shades in a difficult situation.

Fortunately, Shades left the crew and stood up for his sister. The other members of the gang were all expelled. Shades changed his ways after this, and was much kinder to Gina from that day forward.

Years later, Gina would find herself caught in the middle of one of Doctor Tesla's evil schemes when Gary Gears stopped by the nurse's office to get his arm repaired. When they first met, Gina was very impressed by all the different rare and high quality parts that made up Gary's robotic body.

Unfortunately, this would come to work against Gary later that day, when Tesla launched an attack on Asimov High, and Gina believed Gary was working with Tesla in exchange for those fantastic parts. Luckily for Gary, he was able to win Gina and the rest of the gang over with the help of Tyke-Tron and Brain-Bot.

She now helps Gary and the rest of the Gears gang whenever she can. Her incredibly technical know-how makes her an incredibly valuable asset to the Gears team. Espacially with Brain-Bot's incredibly advanced blueprints.


Gina is very upbeat, optimistic and happy. She really likes helping people, probably because she's been helping her brother and father for so long. She has a great interest in mechanics and engineering, she knows the name to every part and every piece in every robot's body. Her friend Brain-Bot designs many different blueprints for upgrades and devices that she builds, with her advanced mechanical skills and his brilliant designs, they make a great team. She cares deeply for her older brother, Shades, even if he's sometimes embarrassed by her. She's also very friendly to Donna Databanks, in spite of her grim demeanor.

Friends and RelationshipsEdit


  • Gina shares a dorm room with Donna Databanks. The entire side of her room is pink, much to Donna's chagrin.
  • Gina really, really, really likes pink.
  • Gary keeps forgetting her and Shades are siblings.
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