Gorrack (sometimes spelled "Gorrak" or "Gorrark" depending on the account) is the legendary champion of the Wastelanders foretold in legend by mutants and tribals. More legend than man, Gorrack's very existence is heavily disputed and widely denied. Debate rages about not only if Gorrack even exists, but just who or what he, she or it exactly is. The only true evidence of his existence ranges from anecdotal sightings from travelers, to the Wasterlander's own legends, stories and myths.

Accounts of Gorrack's existence vary wildly from tale to tale. Some stories portray Gorrack as some kind of great Dragon or Wyvern - an ancient protector summoned by the mutant tribals in times of great need. Other legends depict Gorrack as some kind of green mist, atomic or mystic in nature, that devours and destroys any who threaten the dwellers of the wastes. The most popular, and most widely believed portrayal of Gorrack is a mighty wasterlander (a Brute, to be precise) who rules over the Wasteland with an iron fist.

The official stance of The Coalition of United Human Unions is that Gorrack does not exist, and is merely a product of savage wastelander legend and myth. Still, stories and sightings persist to this very day.