Mikey Mech

Mickey Mech

I may not know any fancy forms of martial arts or nothin', but I've been fighting my way through the mean streets of this town since i was built.

–Mickey Mech

Micheal "Mickey/Mikey" Mech is the "best friend" of start quarterback Chip Bitly, star student in Autoshop Class and Drama Club at Asimov High and a secret agent working for Doctor Tesla. He is Chip Bitly's right hand man and cohort, but is treated with very little respect.

Character BiographyEdit

Born in the mean streets of Steelport, Mickey's father was an industrial robot. Mickey had a rough, impoverished upbringing. Mickey's father had planned for him to work on the factory line just like his old man. However, these plans would be turned on their head when Mickey's father bought a winning lottery ticket. With their newfound wealth, Mickey and his family packed up and moved to sunny Circuit Falls. Mickey attended Asimov High, a prestigious boarding school for robotic children, at his mother's request.

Unfortunately, this Cinderella story was short lived, as Mickey would prove to be incredibly disorderly, and would regularly get into trouble. Things would settle down when he met the love of his life, Sandy Circuits, a sweet girl with the nicest demeanor any robot could have, but things would again take a turn for the worst as Mickey proved to be a bad influence on her, making her as jaded and troublesome as he was. Mickey would be hoist by his own petard when Sandy broke up with him. He would be even more heartbroken when she did it several more times, and then it just kinda became their thing.

Eventually, Mickey would befriend school quarterback Chip Bitly, and his life would change forever. It had turned out, Bitly was secretly working with the evil scientist, Doctor Tesla, in an evil plot to take over Circuit Falls. Although Mickey was hesitant to join, when he had discovered his on-again/off-gain girlfriend, Sandy Circuits, had joined with Tesla's crew as well, he agreed without a second thought.


Mickey is rough around the edge, but deep done is one of the most altruistic and sensitive people in Bitly's gang. He has a much strong moral compass than anyone else in Bitly's gang, and will often object if they go too far. He's surprisingly friendly with the member's of Gary Gears circle of friends, particularly Shades Silicone. The girls of Asimov High adore Mickey Mech for his good looks and dreamy demeanor, but the only girl he wants is the love of his life, Sandy Circuits.

Friends and RelationshipsEdit


  • Mickey is a star pupil in Asimov's autoshop program, so much so that he even helps build most of Nerdtron's inventions.
  • Mickey enjoys painting, poetry and long walks on the beach. If you outright accuse him of this, he'll try to punch you.
  • Mickey is not a member of the Westside gang The Sewer Gators, but he admires them greatly.
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