Nekropolis is an industrial town, much like Steelport. It's unique in that the sun never manages to shine there, even in the best of weather. Much like Steelport, it has veritable economic issues. What separates it from Steelport is it's crime rate, which is nearly 80% higher than Steelport and 200% higher than Circuit Falls. The buildings resemble dark, medieval Gothic architecture, almost like an unsettling English town. The town is most famous for it's huge amount of gangs and it's unsettling pollution rate, which makes the city nearly unlivable for non-locals.

It is considered by far the worst city in the The Coalition of United Human Unions and is often cited as a miserable failure in governmental expansion. Nekropolis does not have a tourist board, instead opting to create an organization based entirely on keeping people out.

Nekropolis was left entirely unharmed by the great nuclear war of 1964, as the massive fallout was unable to penetrate the thick cloud of pollution. Science is still left without an explanation for how this is even possible. Nekropolis voluntarily joined The Coalition Of United Human Unions in 2100, in spite of the fact that nobody wanted them.

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