Nerd tron by garygears-d5bhes2


NerdTron is a card-carrying member of the Asimov High honor roll, captain of the chess team, Brain-Bot's rival and self proclaimed smartest student in Asimov High. Despite NerdTron's high intellect, he can be incredibly callous and unkind to his fellow students, especially those who views to be less intelligent than him (basically everyone). His is a member of the Bitly crew because he does all all of their homework and has the answers to every test. The only students he truly gets along with are Mickey Mech (because he builds all of his blueprints) and Viki Viral (for some inexplicable reason).

Likes: Being right, winning chess matches, being smarter than everyone, Sci-Fi stories, intellectually stimulating literature. Dislikes: Psychical activities, dumb people (basically everyone), certain directors who edit their original masterpieces.