Steelport is a Bayside industrial town located a good forty-five miles away from Circuit Falls. Steelport is a great deal different than Circuit Falls, and the contrast between the two towns is almost jarring. While Circuit Falls is futuristic and awe-inspiring city of the future, Steelport hasn't changed for a good three hundred years, remaining virtually the same. While Circuit Falls is a wealthy, thriving town, Steelport is economically depressed. Count Moses Steelport governs the city with an iron fist.

Town HistoryEdit

Steelport was built by the (now defunct) Haywire Corporation in 1911 during the height of the industrial revolution. As it's name suggests, it was used to port steel and other industrial goods from foreign lands. Over time, more land was sold to other competing corporations began buying up land mass and property, until eventually Steelport became a livable, government-owned city.

The Haywire Corporation kept the city prosperous until an event known as The Great Union Labor Strike of 1941, when The Haywire Corporation announced it would be moving all of it's factories to an entirely different state, costing hundreds of jobs and economically ruining Steelport.

Things would not grow better for Steelport when over twenty years later in 1964, nuclear war would destroy the vast majority of civilization. Although Steelport itself was not impacted by a missile strike (indeed, none of the cities in Haven County were) Steelport suffered heavily from radioactive fallout. Thousands met their demise, and those that didn't would grow to envy the dead as they became severely mutated. Many of the newly mutated citizens found the city of Steelport distasteful, and would escape to the The Wasteland, leaving the city virtually uninhabited for a hundred years or so.

In the year 2090, the city was retaken by the survivors of Circuit Falls and rebuilt into a livable, thriving industrial town again. Unfortunately, Steelport's economic problems would follow it into it's rebirth as well, and soon the city became a stark contrast against Circuit Falls. Despite the intention to make it a companion city.

Somewhere around the turn of the 24th Century, Count Moses Steelport would become It's leader. Under his rule, the city has mostly closed itself off from the rest of Haven County. Only interacting with them when otherwise forced to by The Coalition of United Human Unions. Citizens are actively encouraged to shun so-called "outsiders" and non locals.


  • Steelport's river is famous for it's ability to catch on fire.
  • "Moses Steelport" is not the Count's real name. But that wasn't hard to figure out.
  • Robots are seldom seen in Steelport. The few who do inhabit Steelport are usually discriminated against. The reason for this is unknown.
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