Susan Shyware

Susan Sprocket

Susan Sprocket is a student at Asimov High and good friend of Gary Gears. Shy, soft-spoken and humble, Susan is one of the most quiet students in school. Friends with the much different Frita Firewall since childhood, she serves as vice-president of the student council and a reporter on the Asimov High School Newspaper.

Character BiographyEdit

Susan Sprocket was a robot developed by a team of scientists at The Bureau of Robotic Affairs using the brain patterns of the BRA's own administrator, Susan Calvin. The goal of Susan's creation was to create a robotic duplicate of the BRA's own leader should any "unforeseen misfortune" befall Miss Calvin. This operation was undertaken without Calvin's knowledge or consent.

When Calvin had discovered this, she ordered the entire team to be discharged and the project to be terminated. However, Susan was already completed and fully self aware. Unable to bring herself to terminate a fully aware robotic life form, Calvin adopted Susan as her own daughter.

Susan, much like Ms. Calvin in her younger years, was always incredibly shy and uncomfortable around other people. Her shyness would also signal her out as a target for bullying - until one day a young Frita Firewall would stand up for her. They've been best friends ever since.

Susan and Frita now lead the student council of Asimov High and help plan most of it's ceremonies and events. The latest event they helped put together was invaded by Doctor Tesla and his robotic minions, which eventually led to Frita and Susan joining forces with Gary Gears. Frita and Susan both harbor crushes on Gary, but neither are aware of the other's attraction to him.


Susan is incredibly bashful, shy and timid. She is very cautious and will often attempt to avoid confrontation whenever possible. She is very dependent on her best friend, Frita, to defend her and help her when troubling situations arise. Despite her timid nature, she has occasional moments of tenacity, even sometimes anger. She can be quite dangerous during these moments.

Friends and RelationshipsEdit


  • Susan's surname was originally Shyware. This was changed due to concerns relating to Hasbro's notoriously vicious legal team.
  • Susan's hair was originally pink. This too was changed due to legal issues.
  • Susan and Frita are the only two characters who's original concept designs weren't drawn by Ben Campell.