The Akuji Ninja clan are a tribe of assassins and thieves who model themselves after the way of the ancient ninja. Or at least, the way they were portrayed in action movies. Led by a mysterious head ninja known only as "Akuji."

The Akuji Ninja Clan was once a humble tribe from a small village sixteen-hundred miles away from Circuit Falls. Three generations earlier, the Akuji family emerged from an underground vault alongside one hundred other people. Akuji's grandfather led the former vault dwellers into the ruins of a desolate city. While scavenging for supplies, they discovered a ruined dojo containing hundreds of tapes detailing martial art techniques, alongside hundreds of old kung fu movies. Akuji's grandfather taught his people the way of the ninja, from combat techniques to the ninja uniform, he emulated it all and passed it on to his men.

Three generations later, Akuji's village had become barren and worthless. He walked his men sixteen hundred miles through the blistering, mutant infested desert. Scores of men died, but hundreds survived. All thanks to Akuji's strict training.

Akuji would later meet Akira Stillwater after saving him from an assassination attempt by a crazed gunman. After that, Akira offered to pay Akuji and his men to be his elite bodyguard and private army. However, most of Akuji's men couldn't last through his difficult and unforgiving demands, and most of them were replaced by robots built by Stillwater himself.

After Vogel Stillwater gained control of the company, Akuji refused to continue to work for the company, out of disrespect for Vogel. The remaining human members of the clan refused to side with Akuji, and were grandfathered into positions as regular bodyguards for Vogel.

Akuji and his robotic army are believed to still be out there, perhaps plotting their revenge against the Stillwater family, perhaps working with them in secret. One thing is for certain: Akuji and his clan are a force to be reckoned with. To be feared. All who stand against the ninja should take great heed.

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