The Bratva is an underground criminal organization that operates in Circuit Falls and Steelport. A rival organization of The Circuit Falls Connection, The Bratva is a primarily Russian group that specializes in arms trafficking, high-level robbery and protection rackets.

Organization HistoryEdit

The Bratva is an offshoot an ancient organization known as "The Russian Mafia", formed before The Atomic Eclipse of 1964 by dissidents and criminals in pre-war Soviet Russia. After Stalin's death and the release of many Russian prisoners, the criminal underworld began to flourish and spread, with many outfits even setting up shops in the united states. Even humble towns such as Circuit Falls weren't safe.

After The Atomic Eclipse of 1964, nearly every outfit of the Russian Mob was destroyed, only the Circuit Falls sub-sect remaining. Although it would disband shortly after the declaration of Martial Law, the massive influx of Russian citizens from impoverished and formerly criminal families would serve as a serious problem for Circuit Falls for years.

Over the coming centuries, several small extortion gangs would crop up around the city. Eventually, a criminal overlord by the name of "Ivan Belousov" would unite the warring outfits under one banner, known as "The Bratva" ('the brotherhood' in Russian) which would be governed by five underbosses and one "Godfather." However, Belousov's promise would prove hollow, as he secretly assassinated the underbosses under him and declared himself the one and only leader of the Russian Mob. He was assassinated a mere six months later.

Today, the gang is led by Vladimir Krukov. Under his rule, the gang is active in Steelport and Circuit Falls. It is big enough to contest The Mendoza Brothers, The Heishou Tong and even The Circuit Falls Connection.

Known Current MembersEdit

  • Vladimir Krukov - Godfather/"Pakhan"
  • Piotr Barinov - Councilor/"Sovietnik"
  • Leonid Vazov - Bookmaker/"Obshchak"
  • Ivano Gamow - Brigadier
  • Edgar Mravinsky - Brigadier
  • Czar Prokhorov - Brigadier
  • Gregori Motova - Brigadier
  • Pavel Kubarev - Brigadier