The Brotherhood of the Knights Templar (Often referred to simply as "The Brotherhood" or "The Knights Templar" or even just "The Templar") is a para-military organization that operates in The Wasteland. A radical, extremist faction, members of the Knights Templar model themselves after the knights and paladins of medieval fantasy and folklore. Donning glorious shining power armor and wielding laser weaponry, they are obsessed with their own perception of "justice" and "righteousness" and threaten to annihilate and destroy anyone who violates it. Because of this extreme ideology, they are constantly engaging in skirmishes with raiders, Wastelanders and even harmless scavengers and wanderers simply trying to survive.

The history of the Knights Templar is shrouded in mystery and bias, with the Brotherhood only sharing information on the organization's history with fellow Templars. Even then, their words should be taken with a grain of salt. All that is publicly known is that they emerged from a military bunker sometime after 2100 with a very hardline ideology and a broad, rigid system of rules and conduct known as "The Knights' Code" that they use as the basis of all their actions.

The Coalition of United Human Unions does not officially endorse or condone the Knights Templar, mostly due to their radical views and unpredictable nature. However, CUHU will occasionally contract them for specialty missions as security or hired guards. The Edison Corporation hired them only once as security, and never commissioned them again due to a series of injury lawsuits and property damage fines.