The Mendoza Brothers are a pair of sibling crime lords who run an underground narcotics gang. One of the most dangerous and influential gangs in Haven County , the Mendoza Brothers make most of their profit distributing illegal narcotics across the borders of Circuit Falls, Steelport and New Victoria. The gang's main territory is a series of uncharted islands off the coast of the wastes.

Organization HistoryEdit

Growing up in a poor village in The Outskirts, Alfonso and Edgar Mendoza struggled with poverty and crime their entire lives. Juvenile delinquents the mere ages of eight and eleven (respectively) even their own mother had given up on them. After multiple stints in prison, Edgar and Alfonso made a vow that they would no longer live in poverty, no matter what it took. The two brothers began working their way through the criminal underworld, rising through the ranks and making connections.

Eventually, after years of illicit labor and bloodshed, Edgar and Alfonso made it to the top. Together they formed a criminal empire that trumps even The Circuit Falls Connection and The Heishou Tong. Only The Bratva rivals the cartel in size and influence. The Mendoza Brothers traffic illicit narcotics all across the wasteland, with the help of Alpha Company Mercenaries, their "merchandise" is smuggled between cities in caravans. Although a small portion of these caravans are lost to mutant and raider attacks, the profit made from successful smuggling attempts is enough to keep the Mendoza Brothers' cartel arguably the most influential in the entire wasteland.

Today, the brother's massive wealth and influence has secured them enough resources to take control of a remote series of islands off the coasts of the wastes, outside of CUHU jurisdiction. Edgar and Alfonso hold an iron grip of the criminal underworld from their highly guarded mansion, living the life of wealth and luxury.

Known MembersEdit

  • Edgar Mendoza - Co-Leader, Kingpin
  • Alfonso Mendoza - Co-Leader, Kingpin
  • Hector "El Toro" Diaz - Head Bodyguard, Enforcer
  • Nacho "Gordo" Alvarez - Lieutenant, Head Distributor
  • Pico "Comadreja" Chavez - Dealer, "Ambassador"