The Sewer Gators are a youth gang that hails from the Westside of Circuit Falls. Almost entirely made up of young men and teenagers, the Sewer Gators are a greaser gang that is considered mostly harmless by both the local populace and the Circuit Falls police department. Sporting leather jackets with their symbol (an alligator's head) embroidered on the back, Elvis-esque pompadours, and often armed with switchblades and slingshots, the Sewer Gators are a mischief gang, of little threat to anyone. A crew of youthful rebels, the Sewer Gators can still cause trouble for anyone roaming Westside unprepared. They're know for mugging non-locals and tourists of Westside, although they never kill and will almost always back off if they stood up to.

Local resident Mickey Mech was once a member of this gang, but was kicked out due to unspecified reasons. In his youth, Doctor Edison was also a member of this gang. It is mostly likely due to his intervention that this gang, now in it's fifth generation, is still active and has not seen a crackdown from the local police department.

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