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You're THE Gary Gears? No way! I thought that was just a comic book.


Tyke-Tron is the younger brother of Brain-Bot and a student at Asimov Middle School. He greatly admires Gary Gears and hopes to be just like him some day. After years of being his biggest fan, he finally got to fight alongside Gary when he first attened Asimov High.

Character BiographyEdit

Though Tyke-Tron was only built three manufacturing days after his older brother Brain-Bot, he was designed to have the intelligence and maturity of a middle-schooler.

Tyke-Tron never really had much of an interest in the intellectual materials his brother so enjoyed, opting instead to enjoy simpler works, like cartoons. He gained a very special interest in one Gary Gears, self-proclaimed "#1 Cool Robot Guy." Tyke-Tron quickly became his biggest fan, owning every action figure and comic book with Gary's face on it.

Little did Tyke-Tron know that he would get to go on an actual adventure with Gary himself when Doctor Tesla launched an attack on Asimov High and Circuit Falls. After confronting Nerdtron and Tim with his brother Brain-Bot, they both play an instrumental role in defeating Doctor Tesla and saving the city.

Now Tyke-Tron gets to live his dream, fighting alongside Gary and his friends as a fellow companion against the forces of Doctor Tesla, or whatever other villains should arise to threaten the city.


Tyke-Tron is very spirited and adventurous, to the point where it can get a little... irritating. Though he only ever has the best intentions in mind, he has a tendency to get into trouble and make problems for the other members of the Gears gang. He often feels inferior to the other members of the gang, and his attempts to compensate can usually lead to even more trouble. He has a great respect for his older brother, Brain-Bot, even though he doesn't share his interest in books and science.

Friends and RelationshipsEdit


  • Tyke-Tron was originally called Kid-Bot. Had this change gone through, he would have been one of only three of the main robots not to have an alliterative name. (The others being Chip Bitly and Sandy Circuits.)
  • Tyke-Tron is the only one of the main robot not to attend Asimov High.
  • Tyke-Tron doesn't seem to have any friends his own age. Sad.